¿Are you from outer space? (English version)

A star seed also named Starpeople, is someone whose soul comes from another planet. There are a number of characteristics that make this type of people unique. The easiest way to check the origin of your soul is through a regression, which is a great way to prove by yourself where your soul was born.

Starpeople, have a very strong sense of mission, feel that the earth is not their home, they have a lot of sensitivity, they are very concerned about what happens to the planet, and they seems to give importance to deeper things that other people don’t.

Although it sounds a bit strange, is reality. Those are beings that come from other galaxies at spiritual level. They are no more or less than others humans, in fact the Starseeds have a mission on earth: to teach compassion, share their light, show that unconditional love exists, be an example of service. In other words, they come to earth to work.

In fact, I dare say that it’s hard for them to be human. They are beings that are not accustomed to having an ego, nor to be in a body with their psychics abilities being limited in some ways. Thats the reason why many of them tend to be living with depressions or mood swings. Although it sounds very «important» that they come from the stars, the reality is that they are not necessarily the ones who spend the best time on lifetime.

Starseeds usually have memories of their life in the stars, that is what makes them have had a deep yearning to return home, but obviously most of them doesn’t understand whats happens this to them. What makes them thing that they are crazy or the block who they really are. Although at the end they tend to believe that life exists in the stars. They know unconsciously that they are a living proof of that.

There we have reason why many of them love science fiction and everything that has to do with the stars, it’s like that makes them be connected with that part inside of them that remembers very clearly who they really are.

They need to work on things that have a high purpose, that is, make the earth a better place to live. When they do that they feel complete and when they don’t they feel completely the opposite.

This beings come for a former mission, and they tend to be very helpful, which can cause some people abuse their kindness. It is very normal for these beings to question why people can become abusive, because in their DNA there is no possibility of doing harm to others. They come to make this a better planet and believe that everyone should do the same.

Anxiety is something that constantly accompanies them, because being on mission, their deepest fear is that they will not have time enough to achieve it. The fear of not achieving their mission affects them greatly. In addition they usually have an ego with the same size of their light, enormous.

In the social aspect they are usually what I call «solitary social beings», since they can be surrounded by people, but still feel alone. They can have a hard time opening up to others, although they easily make friends. It is difficult for them to have deep friendships, although of course as they work their humanity they can achieve it.

Starseeds ran away from conflict. They find it hard to fight with others, prefer to take the blame in order to avoid their conflict. As far as my experience has allowed me to discover, they are telepaths, which makes it very difficult for them to communicate, they get upset because people do not read their thoughts.

In family they suffer a lot, cause they are very different from their families. They usually feel that they don’t belong or even beleived that they where adopted. In the moment, they learn who they are, they can heal their relationship with their family. Only then they find out that they have a cosmic family and a earth family. They choose the family who would challenges the most in order to be awaken.

All these characteristics make them very spiritual beings, that is why they need to work hard on their «landing» on earth. Only when they understand who they are, and remember that they came by their own will, they are able to accept the rules of the earth, what makes Starpeople feel peace and meaning in their lives.

It is very easy for a Star Seed to choose to block itself or resist its call for service, but its very essence will remind it all the time of who he/she is and what they came from.

As Starpeople, the moment you allow yourself to flow from who you are, is when your power stars working easily to make this a better place to live.

Published by Dano González

Avanzando en el camino de la luz.

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